Summia School


Dancing is capturing the rhythm of life, putting the act of freedom into play, because dancing helps us connect with ourselves.

“People’s most authentic expressions are in their dance and their music. The body never lies »
-Agnes de Mille-

Rhythmic Gymnastics is make poetry with the body,  give voice to emotions through choreography

General Benefits:

  • It empowers creativity and natural curiosity through staging.
  • Develop imagination, fantasy and sensitivity, enjoying personal achievements.
  • Develops spontaneity and self-confidence by teaching to «feel» the notions of space-time, learning to listen to themselves and others. Increasing their sensitivity and becoming aware of the work of others, while daring to take risks.
  • Helps to take an active role in their learning through the experience that gives them their curiosity, at their own pace, gaining self-confidence and increasing their self-esteem and confidence.