Summia School

Dance School

The power of dance

Movement, music, feeling, consciousness …

Discover how through dance you can establish a relationship of trust with your body. To connect your essence with your mind and your physique.

Learn to control it and express yourself more freely.

Benefits of dance for children:

  • Discipline in dance teaches children values such as determination, meticulous work, and perseverance, among others. Qualities that will help them in their physical and mental development. Through it, they will become people with a better ability to manage stress, they will learn to be patient, to be more perfectionists and to learn from their mistakes.
  • On a physical level, dance gives them elasticity, helps correct posture, relaxes and releases adrenaline, enhances creativity and encourages teamwork.

Classes according to level and ages.

Come try our disciplines!

  • Ballet
  • Urban dance
  • Afro-contemporary dance
  • Latin dances


Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to visit us.

Give dance!